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About Us

After the design of the site is finished, it could be uploaded to the web server in order to be worldwide accessible. For that purpose we must have must have a domain name and a dedicated web server. In order to help you with that part, we could make the domain registration and hosting order for you.
The publishing is not only to upload the files to the web server but also to create the database and initial configuration of the web application. The next also important step is to perform of the functional test of any site module and site function.
The publishing of the site makes it accessible in the Internet, but this does not give it a high position in the search engine results. For highest search engine scores there are two ways: the first one is to create a site with very popular and valuable information (hard work that depends on you), and the second one is to be made a paid advertisement where necessary. The most popular and used search engines are Google and Yahoo and if you are not familiar with their advertising network, we are ready to help you.