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About Us

Making a project to building your web site is the first step in our work. The project is an interconnection between your requirements and our resources; in it we assign the general site appearances, the steps that must be done and the time frame for them. On that base we may start making the web site design. The design could be split in two parts: a graphical (multimedia) design and a web design.

Graphical design
The graphical design creates the static view of the sites. It gives the face and appearance of the site. This includes background, banner, navigation elements, menu, color composition and object orientation.

Web design
The Web design is a process in which from created graphical design web pages of the site are created. These are HTML pages plus CSS code included. All graphical elements shall be included like files. The aim is the final look to be much closer to the source graphical design, but it also must be as much as possible a browser-compatible and identical. The last but not least is validity of the HTML and CSS code. Since this process is related to the change of the code, in our web application the web design must be done by us.