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Knowing well all technologies and problems, we are trying to offer the best possible solution at the moment. It is a combination of technologies well suited to work together, in order to achieve high functionality and universality for building a web site. We are developing a web application to help you edit the structure and the contents of your site from every computer connected to the Internet. It is your centralized point for access and control of your site. The HTML code, which is dynamically generated, is valid according to W3C standards. For easy maintenance and attractive look a dynamic menu, treeview and html editor are used. For storing information the application uses database server.
This application is SoftWebsite and every site made by us is based on it. A part of its possibilities are:

  • Convenient and easy navigation
  • Dynamic menu with unlimited depth
  • Dynamically generated map of the site
  • Context oriented search in the site pages
  • Support for different languages
  • Optimization for the search engines
  • Support for digital certificates
  • Unlimited count of pages
  • Unlimited count of users
  • Functional modules for messages, contacts, discussions, news, links, content, iframes and e-mail forms for feed back
  • Simple and easy editing of the page content with web-based WYSIWYG editor with possibility to upload files to web server
  • Generating a valid HTML code

You could find more about the SoftWebsite advantages in the following document: Tedis SoftWebsite.pdf
By choosing our services, you get the advantages and possibilities which SoftWebsite gives you free.

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